Posted by: Heather Coleman | June 21, 2009

What My Dad Has Taught Me

My daddy and me

My daddy and me

My father will be absolutely mortified that I’m posting a picture and blogging about him, but I couldn’t help but take today to share this small list of the many things that my father has taught me over the last 32 years.  He doesn’t use the Internet though, so it will be awhile before my mother shows him this.  I want to wish all of the fathers out there a very Happy Father’s Day! I’d also like to applaud another truly amazing father, Dick Hoyt, who competes in marathons and triathalons with his son who has cerebral palsy.  They have one of the most touching stories I’ve ever heard.

And now, just some of the things that my father has taught me:

1.  How to swim at Woodbury Lake in Vermont

2.  That the Cowboys are the best football team and the Yankees are the best baseball team

3.  How to fish, bait my own hook, and row a boat

4.  How to drive a stick shift, parallel park, and check the oil in my car

5.  That everything will be OK, by giving me a hug after my first boyfriend broke up with me

6.  That he is cool to hang out with, letting me talk to guys at an Irish Pub in Massachusetts

7.  An amazing sense of humor and how to laugh at my own mistakes

8.  That being spoiled isn’t all bad

9.  How to be a neat freak, even organizing the refrigerator

10. But most importantly, my dad has taught me what love is all about, by always giving more of himself than he ever asks for in return.



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