Posted by: Heather Coleman | June 30, 2009

Why Twitter Makes My Socks Roll Up and Down

Twitter has gotten a lot of buzz lately, but some of it has started to turn negative and points to the apathy of most Twitter users.  Everyone’s a critic I guess.  So I thought I would make a case for Twitter and discuss why it makes my socks roll up and down. 

Here are my three biggest reasons for using Twitter:

(1) The Tweeple.  I’ve already met a lot of great people or “tweeple” through Twitter and I’ve only been on it six months. I can only imagine how many more fantastic friends I will make before the year is out.  I started out by attending a couple local events and then I got my first two Tweetups under my belt.  Next week I’ll be attending a girls only, Girlie Tweetup in D.C. and mixing it up with 25 other fabulous women (still 4 spaces left as of this posting).  It’s a casual and easy way to network that can be followed up with face-to-face discussions.

(2) The Knowledge. I’ve decided to use Twitter as another tool to help me learn more about social media.  Despite the numerous so-called “social media experts”, I’ve actually been able to follow a lot of really amazing and knowledgeable internet marketers that offer up a wealth of business wisdom in easy-to-swallow bites.  Even better are the local D.C. techies interested in Gov 2.0, an area that really interests me since I work in government consulting.  I’ve also stumbled upon a series of events called socStardom, short for Social Media Stardom, that have provided me with a wealth of information (free of charge) and since they are limited to 150 attendees it’s easy to make meaningful connections.

(3) The Humor. A true sign of intelligence in my book is a good sense of humor and when you are limited to 140 characters it almost becomes a contest to see how witty one can be.  I get insight from comedian Rob Corddry such as “Watching both kids.  When people say “they grow up so fast” I want to slap them right in their bad memory.” I also found a most intriguing Follow Friday last week with Damian Dayton and his timely blog about the death of MJ (only dedicated to Michael Jordan).  Yeah, sometimes I enjoy twisted humor like that, part of the reason for the name of this blog.

But maybe you have reached your quota of friends, don’t want to have instant access to experts in your field, and could care less where Shaq is on a regular basis.  If that’s the case, then maybe Twitter really isn’t for you.  What it comes down to is Twitter is what YOU make it.  The more you put in to building relationships, the more you will get out of it.

Maybe my three reasons aren’t enough of a case for Twitter.  If that’s true, take a look at the responses I received in  short-order when I tweeted the question:

“What’s the case for Twitter?”

 From @sisarina:

Case for Twitter, it expands your horizons, allows you to create your own feed & gives your business new ways of promotion. I ❤ Twitter!

From @bethschillaci:

Mine is to make connections that can be taken offline and to enhance those offline relationships.

From @ctownmarketing:

what I luv about twitter: it’s nimble; has relatively low learning curve; ease of connecting w/peeps; ease of distributing info

From @joshlaughner:

receiving targeted information about things i like or care about

 From @jackholt:

“Community without propinquity.” People I meet here are far more interesting to me than people who just happen to live near.

Because we choose who in the community we interact with, we build a group where *everybody* is someone we enjoy/love/adore.

From @minnemom:

I use twitter for a lot of blogging connections.  I use Tweetdeck to set up groups such as “travel” or “Minnesota” so I don’t miss any of the posts that are really relevant to me.

I’ve also used it to get tech support help from other tweeters who knew, reading suggestions for my son, parenting advice, blog help and more.

I hit it really hard at first to follow people I was interested in and got a lot of followers in return; for my purposes it’s better to have a good following than just a few.

Other people want to keep it very personal so they don’t follow a lot of people. The beauty of twitter is that you can use it however you want.

From @fruitfulvine2:

I use twitter to track info on health and marriage related issues and more. I also tweet about what I’m doing at the moment and any new blog posts I write. I also retweet others a lot because I find very valuable information being shared that others in my tweetstream should know about.

Twitter is very useful for quick promotion of things as well as building valuable relationships with others.



  1. Amazingly I found a community of people very quickly that appreciates what I think is important, enjoy my admittedly perverse and bleak sense of humor, support me in my most cherished endeavor in substantive and highly valuable ways and really seem to like the whole me. Where else does that happen?

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