Posted by: Heather Coleman | May 26, 2010

Why I Love Social Media

Yesterday was a perfect example of why I love social media. I currently subscribe to four e-newsletters on the topics of social media, entrepreneurs, leadership and e-health from SmartBrief. They almost always have one or two good links to articles that I want to read. Yesterday’s social media newsletter included a message from Merritt Colaizzi, Publisher for the SmartBrief on Social Media. It was a request to take a reader survey on business social media usage (with a chance to win a Kindle). Since I come from a marketing research background and would love a kindle, I decided to participate. About halfway through the survey one of the questions asked me to select five responses and the follow-up question asked me to rate those five selected responses. Unfortunately it didn’t show the five responses that I selected, they were different. I answered anyway, knowing that this would cause the results to be inaccurate. After I completed the survey, I wanted a way to contact SmartBrief and let them know about the error. I suppose I could have responded to the blast e-mail (if it was set up to receive e-mail), however, who knows where that message would have gone. I could have gone to the SmartBrief website and looked for a contact us or feedback form (again who knows where that would have gone). Instead I did a Google search for Merritt Colaizzi  and the second most popular result was her LinkedIn profile. I also have a profile on LinkedIn and decided to try and add Ms. Colaizzi to my network. Typically you have to know the person or have worked with them in order to add them to your network. I, however, selected the option that she was a friend and added a personal message. I noted that I would love to connect with her, but more importantly wanted to let her know about the error in the SmartBrief social media survey I had just responded to. Within 15 minutes she had added me to her network and responded with a message through LinkedIn that she would check into the issue immediately. I’m pretty sure I would not have gotten the same response via e-mail. One of the biggest benefits of social media for me is that it is still in its infancy and novel enough that people are excited to receive direct messages through these networks and therefore, are responsive. They say content is king and I believe that if your message is relevant to the person it is being sent to via social media, it will get heard and you will get a response. Even if the person is beyond your social circle or an expert in the industry and seems like they would be too busy to respond…they might suprise you! I know that I was pleasantly suprised yesterday and am glad that I gained a valuable new connection because of social media.



  1. I love that social media allows you to connect with people beyond your social circle since living in a small suburb, working long hours, and not enjoying bars limits the people I am exposed to on a normal basis. The ability to connect with people based on common interests, rather than physical proximity, has been a huge reason why I have awesome friends all over the U.S. in England and Australia. I have traveled to New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, NJ, and even London to hang out with these people.

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