Posted by: Heather Coleman | April 10, 2012

HAWMC Day Eight: My Best Conversation of the Week

#ppdchat Thank You

April 9th #ppdchat on topic of closure

Coming right off my last post, “How Do You Thank Someone That Saved Your Life?”, I was honored to act as the back up host for the 8:30 PM EST edition of #ppdchat on Twitter last night. Earlier in the day I participated in the 1:00 PM EST edition of #ppdchat, founded and usually hosted by Lauren Hale, @unxpctdblessing, but guest hosted yesterday by @goodgirlgonered. It was an open forum, which meant we could talk about anything and everything that was top of mind. I brought up the issue of how to say, “Thank You” to someone that helped save your life and Jennifer Gaskell, @jenrenpody, chimed in that she had sent a card to her cousin, who was the first person besides her husband she had confided in about her postpartum depression. The resulting conversation on Twitter can be seen above. It still amazes me the comfort that can be found online from other women that have experienced postpartum depression and other related mental health issues.

In preparing for my guest host duties, I spoke with Lauren Hale by phone about the community and what to expect. She said that for the most part the community has always been extremely supportive to each other and there have been very few instances where the #ppdchat hashtag and chat forum on Twitter was misused. I am very glad that she allowed me to step in for her last night (those were big shoes to fill) to act as host and moderator for this beautiful community. This conversation yesterday reminded me exactly why I shared my story of postpartum psychosis and keeps me going on my journey towards healing.

To learn more about the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, visit the WEGO Health Blog.


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