Posted by: Heather Coleman | April 22, 2012

HAWMC Day 12: Stream of Consciousness

Parents walking

My parents walking the path at Fallingwater.

This morning I looked in the mirror…and I got a little sad. You see my parents have been visiting for over a week and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them, but today they are heading home to Vermont. I thought about all of the work we accomplished in the front yard and back yard, landscaping and planting a small vegetable garden. I thought about the trip we took earlier in the week to Fallingwater and Gettysburg in Pennsylvania and how amazing both of those sights were for different reasons. I wish I had asked my mom more questions as I still plan on writing a book about her and her life. She is one of the strongest people I know, but you might not think that at first and she might not think that of herself. I think that is where I get my strength from, to overcome the challenges I’ve had to face in my life. Oh and I got them to try hummus for the first time, but they were not impressed.

To learn more about the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, visit the WEGO Health Blog.


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