Posted by: Heather Coleman | April 12, 2013

#HAWMC Day 12: Conversation With Myself on the Day of Diagnosis

If you could go back in time and talk to yourself on the day of diagnosis, what would you say? I would say, “Everything is going to be amazing!” And I’d probably give myself a big hug.

The days immediately after my postpartum psychotic episode were very emotional and confusing. It would have been nice to have been told to take a deep breath, step back, and have faith that, in the not too distant future, things would be “normal” again, even better than “normal”. It would have been especially helpful to hear that from someone that had gone through the same thing as me. This is another reason I continue to share my personal story with postpartum psychosis, so that others that might be experiencing it, can see how far I’ve come, how good I’m doing, and know that there really are happy endings, especially for the postpartum psychosis story.

This morning I read this inspirational and timely quote from John H. Johnson, “I believe the greater the handicap, the greater the triumph.” I believe that too.

Mountain Climber



  1. Great job, Heather! Thanks for sharing.

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